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Welcome to my website.

My passion for birdwatching started at the age of 10 and I began travelling within France and then to Europe. Over the years, I have extended my trips in the western Palearctic regions, with the main objective to discover new species of birds. During these journeys I wanted to seize “the” right moment, from the point of view of the wildlife and landscapes. The goal is to ‘capture the moment’, whilst creating memories of the trips to relive again and again.

My diversity is also expressed through my interest in photographing people and architecture of various towns and cities.

Most recently, I have been led to use my photographic skills in another area, Real Estate. Working as a luxury property estate agent since 2001, I showcase the properties I sell using the best angles and light.

This is my reason for creating ericdidner.com – to be able to share all these moments. All the photos on this website are available to buy in high resolution.




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